PM Insights: Structured Outcome

Mike Loukas, CEO of TrueMark Investments, was joined by Jordan Waldrep, CIO of TrueMark Investments and Dave Donnelly, Portfolio Manager to the TrueShares Structured Outcome ETF suite. The team discussed differences in expectations with a capped structure versus an uncapped structure which utilizes a participation rate.

Given the recent market volatility, the unique characteristics of the Structured Outcome ETF suite can provide a higher upside participation rate and correlation than an investor might receive with a capped product. Structured Outcome is a liquid portfolio tool which aims to provide investors with increased predictability for how the product will perform over a 365-day period.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

There can be no guarantee that the Funds will be successful in implementing the buffer protect options strategy. The TrueShares Structured Outcome ETFS have characteristics unlike many other traditional investment products and may not be suitable for all investors. You should only consider an investment in the Fund if you fully understand the inherent risks, which can be found in the prospectus. For more information, please visit